Do What Matters. Do ONLY What Matters

Easier said than done, I know.  I have found that asking myself these two questions before any task can free up some much needed time and takes the “busyness” out of my life.

How special it was today to be able to make dinner. I had the day off and wanted to cook something that my husband, the usual chef, loves but doesn’t really have time to make. A trip to Costco and soon roast beef was turning on the rotisserie. Amazing smells filled our home.

But we had no gravy. Now, I could have gone to the store and bought it myself. After all, I have the day off, right?


I asked myself the two questions, and the answers were Yes & No. Yes, it needed to be done. No, it did not need to be done by me.


My Reasoning:

Yes, I could’ve gone to the store, but it wouldn’t be the wisest use of my time and resources.  Shopping for just one item would have taken at least 30 minutes, factoring drive time and time spent in the store. Additionally, what a waste of gas!

My husband, however, passes at least three grocery stores on his drive from work. He can easily hop on and off the highway without adding much time and wasting any gas.

It just made more sense for him to complete this shopping task.

That half hour that I would’ve spent getting one item was actually spent on you dear reader. This post was created.

Just in time for my husband to come home.

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