How to Plan NOTHING & Get Stuff Done.

This week I was on vacation from my day job. I had my choice of what I wanted to do: work on my Thirty-One Business; work on my Organizing Business or plan NOTHING. I opted for the latter. My, how daunting and freeing it is to plan NOTHING. I could choose to work on either … Continue reading How to Plan NOTHING & Get Stuff Done.

Truthful Living

"What is Truth?" --Pontius Pilate I'd be lying if I said I knew exactly what I was going to write next. I feel like I don't need to write anymore--you will all just know what I'm writing about and you will nod "yes." But. It just seems so absolutely necessary to say something about the … Continue reading Truthful Living

Something to Do While You’re Waiting

Problem No. 1 My husband likes to spring surprises on me. And they're not always the good kind--you know, like flowers when he comes home (he does do that). The surprises I'm referring to are things like having to make an unexpected stop at the store when I am ridiculously tired. The more I think … Continue reading Something to Do While You’re Waiting

A Woman Named Jesus

She was dirty. She was homeless. My friend saw her in the parking lot. She wanted to reach out to this ragged woman, but groceries got in the way. "Hold on a sec," my friend said.  But when she turned around the woman was already talking to someone else. When she was done talking, the … Continue reading A Woman Named Jesus

Travel Tip: Never Forget Your Toiletries Again!

See video below for how I use my toiletries bag. Travelling? Not travelling? Doesn't matter. Yep, we are in the middle of travel season. Are you planning a trip for the second half, last-minute travel surge before Labor Day? Or are you the type who takes a lot of short, weekend trips? Maybe you are … Continue reading Travel Tip: Never Forget Your Toiletries Again!